PPM Mouthguards

    Attention Athletes...Golfers, Tennis Players, Runners, etc.  Don't let your competitors get the edge!


    You already train hard.  Now you have the power to train smarter.  Few people realize how important the jaw is when it comes to power and strength.  A properly aligned jaw can mean the difference between training and training to full capacity.  Experience the difference with the Pure Power Mouthguard.  It is a custom mouthpiece that can deliver a boost to your training and performance.

    Custom fitted in our office, the Pure Power Mouthguard is 40 years of proven neuromuscular dentistry research.  This means better balance, longer endurance, improved strength, more power, and expanded range.

    If you are asking yourself "What is the difference between the Pure Power Mouthguard and other products on the market?" the answer is simple.  Science and results.  It is not a boil and bite mouthguard.  It is custom designed and fitted by a certified dentist, like Dr. Malick, who find your specific bite, allowing you to experience optimum performance in sports.

    It is made using detailed computerized technology that tracks every movement of your jaw down to the millimeter.  The Pure Power Mouthguard is backed by modern science and designed to give you the advantage in sports.

    If you are serious about your sport, don't be fooled by inexpensive imitations.  


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