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      Most people do not know that advanced comprehensive aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry is not taught in dental school.  That is where LVI (Las Vegas Insititute of Advanced Dental Studies) has stepped in to train dentists in the latest cosmetic and neuromuscular techniques.  

Don't trust your smile to just anyone!

    LVI trains dentists in the most up-to-date clinical procedures, how to use the latest  and most advanced technology and other comprehensive training procedures.  Dr. Malick is an LVI trained dentist, participating in intensive courses including Advanced Functional Restorative Dentistry (2002);  Advanced Functional Aesthetics (2002);  Advanced Restorative and Occlusal Principles (2006); Comprehensive Aesthetic Reconstruction (2008); Coronoplasty and Case Finishing (2008); Full Mouth Reconstruction (2009); Computer Aided Occlusal Evaluation System (2008).

    There can be many reasons why you want your smile to look radiant, younger, more attractive and confident: a new job on the horizon; an exciting new phase of life; or you are finally ready to treat yourself.  Let Dr. Malick help you discover that elegant smile.

    We have a variety of options available to make your smile shine.  Each guest is unique and each has a vision of what their smile should look like.  Do you want whiter teeth?  Straighter teeth?  Replace missing teeth?  Dr. Malick can exquisitely provide the right services for you.

Only an LVI Preferred Dentist can give you an LVI Smile.

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